Top 5 Soft Skills Courses Available in SCORM Packages

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In every organization, there are a few employees with whom most co-workers want to shake hands. There are several reasons behind this choice; either they possess master skills or hold a strong knowledge of leadership. But since we are here on this topic, you should know that specific soft skills courses boost the brainstorming capability of an individual. With that, an employee gets a more significant opportunity to grow and develop, allowing them to dream about a bright future. 

What are soft skills, and how does it work?

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with each other. Examples of soft skills include communication, empathy, teamwork, and conflict resolution. While hard skills are abilities that can be learned and quantified, such as coding or marketing, soft skills are more difficult to define and measure. They are often described as people skills or social skills.

Often, employees wonder about this one question: what are soft skills? Soft skills refer to the combination of communication skills, personality traits, social skills, emotional intelligence, and people skills that act together. Nowadays, several off-the-shelf e-learning courses are specifically designed for soft skills. Once these qualities are defined for a hardworking employee, it helps them to accomplish more extraordinary results and have an impact on the job. Eventually, it becomes the path to success.  

The difference between hard and soft skills varies; comparatively, soft skills courses are easier to adapt, such as strategic planning, interviewing skills, managerial effectiveness, the art of effective communication, active listening, etc. 

Often, we overlook soft skills and try to emphasize hard skills. Tangible resources such as hard skills are challenging to master, whereas soft skills can be easily achieved. But these are equally important to developing the zest among the employees and helping to mold their future. Providing proper soft-skill courses and online training to employees has several benefits. It all begins and ends with the best decision-making capability, which is required by multiple corporations. 

Top 5 courses available in scorm content  

  1. Art of Management Course

The art of management soft skill course is the main module in the professional development course, where learners will learn a range of soft skills that are essential to becoming a successful manager. These skills include managing difficult conversations, making presentations and handling conflict.

The Art of Management Course is designed to help students learn the basics of management. The course will cover topics such as goal setting, time management, communication, and team building. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to learn about different management styles and how to apply them in a real-world setting.

The Art of Management covers everything relating to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Subjects covered in the course include :

    • Strategic Planning
    • Interviewing Skills,
    • Conflict Management, 
    • First Time Managers, 
    • Managerial Effectiveness, 
    • Meeting Management 
    • Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance Problems
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management
    • Team Building

   2. Art of communication Course

The art of communication is the ability to communicate effectively with others. It involves understanding and using verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills. Good communication involves understanding the receiver’s point of view and then adjusting your message accordingly. It also requires being a good listener and paying attention to nonverbal cues. Effective communicators are able to create rapport, build relationships, and resolve conflicts. They know how to use different communication styles depending on the situation. The art of communication is an important soft skill that can be learned and perfected with practice.  

There are many different types of art of communication courses available, which are mentioned below:

  1. Selling skills Course

One of the most important skills you can have in your career is how to sell. The ability to sell your product and your ideas will open doors for you and help you get what you want in life. Selling skills The course is about understanding what the other person wants and needs, and then presenting them with a solution that will fulfill those needs or wants. 

Some courses include:

  • Create a Value Link
  1. Presentation skills Course

Presentation skills are what you need in order to provide engaging presentations. These include public speaking, tone of voice, body language, and delivery. We also offer e-learning content about Presentation Skills such as:

  1. Self development Course

Reading about self-development and skill-building can offer us increased opportunities for success. With this knowledge, You can buy e-learning content for various industries related to self-development. This course helps in boosting confidence and managing stress and offers Extreme Ownership, Time management, etc. Here is the list of courses included in this :- 

  • Goal Setting
  • Growth Mindset

How are soft skills courses beneficial for your business?

Each business facet is influenced by conflict resolution, problem-solving underpinning, and communication that significantly impacts operations. Throughout the organization, it is essential to provide employees with soft skills training programs that help them to build strong client relations, effective teamwork, and better customer support. 

Below, we have mentioned three significant impacts on the business caused by soft skills:

  1. Better customer service 

This could be the most significant change in your organization and bring positive feedback from the customer. Once your employee is trained in soft skills, he or she will become an entrepreneur who provides an instant solution to the customer. This will reduce the concerns from the customer’s end, which eventually helps in maintaining the company’s goodwill. 

2. Higher sales

You will appreciate the impact of soft skills courses when increased sales entries start to appear in your accounts. Soft skills improve the negotiation method of an employee, due to which your employee can engage a customer for a longer time. Ultimately, this creates a powerful hold on convincing. This technique leads to better sales with many records in your account. 

3. Positive impact on employee retention 

A company can retain more skills and talent for an employee since you have invested in their professional areas. This reduces the need to re-hire new employees to the company and provides them with training from all over the beginning. It eventually creates a positive impact on business operations that start to run smoothly. 

What is the best method to train your employees in soft skills?

Soft skills are challenging to train. One of the best ways to teach your employees is by allowing them to learn from their mistakes. The mistake made should not be too major, and it should be a lesson learned in the process. This will enable an easier understanding of how you want your employees to behave, which in turn will help you manage them better.

There are many benefits to training your employees in soft skills. Soft skills are important for a variety of reasons. They can help employees communicate more effectively, work better in teams, and resolve conflicts. Training your employees in soft skills can help them be more successful in their jobs and improve your company’s overall performance. Our soft skills courses are easily accessible on all kinds of LMS such as (learning management systems) like Installed LMS, Web-based LMS, Open-source LMS, Integration-capable LMS, Non-integrated LMS, Enterprise LMS, and Cloud LMS.

Soft Skills Training program for an organization

We offer a soft skills training program for an organization that helps employees, team leaders, and managers with behavior change techniques and attitudes to enhance personal efficiency and performance. 

We train groups and organizations in India on behavior skills. We provide immersive learning experiences and engage learners in one-on-one classes to help them change their behavior.

We provide all kinds of courses which can run on all kinds of LMS (Learning management systems) like Installed LMS, Web-based LMS, Open-source LMS, Integration-capable LMS, Non-integrated LMS, Enterprise LMS, and Cloud LMS. 

We provide courses to organizations in scorm file format (zip), which users can upload to their internal learning management system (LMS). We provide multiple types of courses .

Why Choose Us?

Our soft skills courses help you maximize employee performance and productivity by featuring built-in learning analytics. This helps managers make training programs more impactful; We provide actionable insights based on real-time data collected. We further drive a business’s financial performance by boosting employee performance and maximizing their ability. All soft skills courses are available in scorm packages.