Learn the art of handling late-stage objections in an empathetic manner

learn strategies to handle a late-stage objection

When you deal with consumers, there are chances of objections coming your way at any point in the sales journey. Objection handling is a crucial skill that every professional should familiarize themselves for a smooth sales journey. If an existing or potential customer raises concerns about pricing, product utility, timing, or other reasons, the salesperson should always be able to handle the objection. The ability to handle a late-stage objection will help you to alleviate the concerns of customers and successfully close the sale deal. 

The idea is to handle the objection without being aggressive and should not seem argumentative to the prospect. It can be helpful to learn strategies to handle a late-stage objection with the help of specialized courses from Knowxbox. Our course will enable you to learn skills that will help you to build trust by listening and asking the right questions. This will help the customers to form a favorable opinion of the product. 

Effective Techniques Handling Objection

Irrespective of the stage of the sales cycle that you are in, from the first sales call to closing the deal, it is important for the sales team to be familiar with ways of handling objections. These are some  of the best objection handling techniques for preventing the deal from breaking.

  • Being an active listener

To win the trust of your prospective customers, it’s essential to make the customers feel that they are being heard. You should give them space, listen to them actively, and avoid interrupting them so that you can understand their concerns. You must try to understand their desires, goals, and fears in order to effectively handle the objection. Establishing an authentic connection with the prospects will help you to achieve an optimal outcome.

  • Mirror their objection

One of the  most effective ways of showing your customers that you understand their concerns and objections is to repeat what the customer says. It is one of the great negotiation techniques that sales professionals can use. Repeating after a customer will make them feel that you empathize with them. 

  • Identify the objection

In most cases, the first objection mentioned by the prospective customer is not the main issue preventing them from making the buying decision. Usually, they do it to prevent you from moving forward. The best way is to ask the buyer if you could solve that particular issue or other barriers that are preventing you from moving ahead. The answer to the question will help you find the actual objection and address it. 

  • Empathize for validating the prospect’s concern

A great way of handling all types of objections is by empathizing with the prospects to make them feel you understand where they are coming from. This will make the prospects get their guards down and become open to solutions. Try to be reassuring in your tone so that the prospects feel that they are understood and that their concerns will be taken care of. 

  • Tackle price objections

One of the most common objections raised by prospects is price objection. You can handle the objection by showing them that the product’s value is worth the price. Show them that the product addresses their needs. 

Handling objections is one of the most crucial skills for a professional, especially for those who are working in the sales department. Knowxbox offers a wide variety of training courses that can benefit your business and help your career growth.