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Looking for e-learning resources for self-development or for employees to learn Soft skills? KnowxBox is here to cater you!

KnowxBox comes with some commonly asked e-learning Off-The-Shelf Behavioural Training Courses which helps you to advance your career and upskill your organization.


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Gain proficiency with latest skills

We keep on adding essential behavioural training courses which helps in understanding and softskills.

Improve Continuously

We learn, we apply, that is how we improve. You can learn here and apply in your workplace.

Advance your Career

There is no way to be held back if you keep learning. Keep on learning and keep on advancing.

Upskill your Organization

If you keep improving, you organisation will also keep on improving in every sense.

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For Enterprises/Organisations we have 2 types of License:

Subscription License (for SCORMs)
If any Organisation has its own LMS, they can buy SCORM packages of courses they like (with 1 year of expiry) and upload into their LMS. 

Please send your query to if you are looking for such an option.

Subscription License (on KnowxBox Platform)

  • Signup as Organization – This would setup the Manager account for the signing user.
  • Add other Users/Employees
  • Select Courses and Buy Licenses
    Please contact us if you are looking for access to the complete library. We have special packages for complete library.
  • Assign selected licenses to the selected users.

Individuals can sign-up directly on the portal and pay per course.

  • Anyone can signup for free.
  • See the details for the courses and Pay for the course you want. 
  • You would be enrolled for 365 days in that particular course.
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