Customer Relations

Customer relations courses focus on developing individuals’ skills and strategies to effectively manage and maintain positive relationships with customers. These courses cover various aspects of customer service, communication, and customer satisfaction.

Customers buy products more for the value rather than features and benefits. The right way to sell value is by making a value link.

Watch this course to learn how to make an effective value link statement.

Course Duration – 15 minutes

If you don’t acquire and retain customers, you won’t survive. An organisation that forgets about customers is destined to fail. They’ll build the wrong products, invest in the wrong resources, and lose goodwill with customers. On the other hand, an organisation that meets customer needs, anticipates customer wants and provides a satisfactory level of customer service will grow at an astounding pace. 

 Watch this course from Dynamic Pixel to learn how to become a customer centric organisation.

Course Duration – 25 minutes

Want to build trust and loyalty of your customers along with a solid reputation ?

Then here is a course for you on Customer Centricity and implementing ways to make an organization Customer Centric.


Course Duration – 15 minutes

Do you want to increase the sales and revenue of your business, boost your brand value and gain the loyalty of your customers? If yes, then customer engagement and involvement is what you must focus on.

John Russell, President of Harley Davidson has quoted that “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

Watch this course from Dynamic Pixel in order to gain an insight into the topic Customer Engagement and Involvement.

Course Duration – 20 minutes

We all know that customer retention is vital to increase business.  According to Reichheld & Schefter, A 5 percent increase in retention rate can increase profits by as much as 95 percent. Also, customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition. Hence, it is important to retain customers.

Watch our course Customer Retention and learn to calculate customer retention rate, understand the significance of customer retention and discuss effective strategies to retain the customers.

Course Duration – 20 minutes

Do you want to an increase in the revenue of your organisation? If yes! Then, you certainly need good customer service. Good customer service helps in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers which further helps to increase the business and hence revenue of an organization. Apart from that, there are many benefits of good customer service, like building better reputation.

Watch this course from dynamic pixel to understand the significance of good customer service, its golden rules and skills required to provide good customer service.

Course Duration – 20 minutes

We all know that customer satisfaction is an essential element for the organizational prosperity of any business and when it comes to customers, there is always a mixed bag to deal with. Some are really nice and polite while there are also the difficult ones. 

Handling the difficult customers effectively helps to retain the business and is a sign of customer service focused organization.

Watch the course to learn how to deal with difficult customers. 

Course Duration – 20 minutes

For everything you do to build relationship with customers, you’ll be probably surprised to see what they really want from you. Watch this course to know what do customers really want from you.

Course Duration – 60 minutes