Tips to Make Effective Value Link Statements

create a value link

A value link is integral in marketing your products and, ultimately your business development strategy. It would be naïve to launch a marketing campaign without properly defining your value link statement because it’s like washing your car when its engine is missing. It would fail to realize its potential. 

But before we proceed further, let’s understand what we mean by a value link. 

A value link is essentially a statement that tells customers why they should choose your products or services. When you create a value link that’s perfect, customers will be attracted in a few seconds. It would state the benefits of the product along with why it is unique and a worthy investment. 

It sounds easy, but it may end up taking a lot of time to make an effective value link statement in some instances. The good news is that every product has a value link, and your job is to find it. 

How to Write a Value Link Statement

A value link will act as a promise you make to your customers. If you want to make the right promise, you should know who the product is designed for and what it hopes to achieve. 

You also need to know the benefits that the product will offer from the customer’s point of view, mainly the ones you consider unique. When you start from this point, here are a few questions you should keep in mind while making a value link – 

  • How will the product satisfy the needs of your customers?
  • What customer requirements are you targeting with this product?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • What do you expect customers to feel after using the product?

If you are facing hurdles with the answers to these questions, you must conduct market research or interviews with potential customers to gain clarity. Your customers and their unique relationship with your product are paramount in defining your value link, so you need this input to start the process.

Qualities of a Good Value Link Statement

A good value link statement will have three essential qualities – 

  • Clear – Use words that can be understood easily. Your customer will see a value statement and decide whether it interests them within seconds. You don’t need to overcomplicate it with smart words that’ll take time to decode. It’s best to stick with language that’s understood by all. 
  • Concise – When you use fewer words, it will make more sense. It can be difficult to summarize everything in a short value statement, but it’s very important. Choosing a brief value link statement would display a sign of uniqueness and integrity. 
  • Unique – If you want your value link statement to stand out, you have to represent how it’s different from your competitors. Hence, you must take this very seriously by conducting thorough research on your competitors. 

Things to Avoid When Writing a Value Link Statement 

When you’re writing your value link statement, make sure you’re avoiding these things – 

  • Including all the benefits your product has to offer. 
  • Making the value link statement too vague, similar to an inspirational slogan. 
  • Relying more on your video trailer of the product and paying less attention to the statement. 
  • Starting the statement with the benefits. 

Wrapping Up 

When you have a solid value link statement, you will be one step closer to making a good impact on your potential customers. However, if you’re struggling with writing it, you can take a short course online to learn making a value link in minutes. As a marketer, this skill will be priceless when you work on more projects.