Reasons Off-the-Shelf E-Learning May Be Beneficial

off the shelf e learning courses

The growth of e-course gives you two main options. Either create the course from scratch or purchase an off the shelf e learning courses. Both have advantages, but this study focused on how useful pre-packaged e-learning can be.

But remember that the best course of action will depend on your needs. The best recommendation is to consult with a seasoned Dubai e-learning developer who also provides ready-made solutions. The information you require to make an informed decision can then be obtained.

Off-the-Shelf E-Learning: What is it?

Off-the-shelf e-learning refers to e-learning modules or courses that don’t need any additional development or content. This indicates that you can use them as soon as you buy them.

They are created by qualified e-learning developers and typically cover broad topic areas with standard content. They are therefore highly polished and constructed to high standards. For example, soft skills training program or Soft Skills Courses.

Benefits/Advantages of Prepackaged E-Learning

The main Advantages of Off-the-shelf e-learning are as follows:

  • A sizable library of topics is typically available.
  • Fast implementation of pre-made e-learning courses is possible.
  • Off-the-shelf online education is affordable
  • Less of your internal resources are needed

Off-the-Shelf E-Learning Can Be Implemented Immediately

if you purchase soft skill courses online training programs require development time before they can be used. During this time, your developer will collaborate with your team to compile the necessary content, program the necessary technical functionality, and create the course.

However, if you purchase an off-the-shelf solution, all of this work has already been completed. Off-the-shelf e-learning programs are by definition accessible right away.

Consequently, for instance, in scenarios where you require training material for one of the topics above and must implement it as quickly as possible.

Off-the-shelf e-learning may be economical under the right conditions.

Multiple customers can access pre-made e-learning solutions thanks to developers. By spreading out their development costs in this way, they can lower the cost of each personal solution.

Of course, everything here is relative. And besides, if you want content that covers specific topics, then certainly off-the-shelf learning courses will cost less than other courses, especially when compared to courses created from scratch.

This is because the return on investment should be the primary metric used. Custom-made e-learning courses are the most effective for training that calls for specialized content.

The lower price of off-the-shelf e-learning will, however, produce a better return on investment for general or broad topic areas, making it an option you should take into account.

Off-the-Shelf e-learning reduces the need for internal resources

Off-the-shelf e-learning also has the advantage of requiring less team input than getting a course that is specially created.

When you use custom design, the rest of your team members need to work with the eLearning developer just as much, especially when it comes to learning content. When your curriculum calls for certain and specific content, this information is essential.

When standard content will do, off-the-shelf e-learning performs best.