Make A Shift From A Fixed To A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Failures can be painful, but they should not prevent you from learning. It should empower you to face new challenges. Our mind is a powerful tool, and it has an impact on how we think and what we think. We often think that successful people are more gifted in life, but the fact is that successful people work hard and proceed ahead with the right mindset. It is rightly said you achieve what you believe. It gives you power when you trust that you can improve and accomplish.

Difference between fixed and growth mindset

There are two types of mindsets- fixed and growth mindsets. An individual with fixed growth mindset always remains confined by their beliefs and thoughts. They believe that some people are born with unique abilities and intelligence, and one can’t get better with effort and hard work. This type of mindset prevents them from achieving goals. The fixed growth mindset makes them  quit as they think they can’t improve and fear failure.

On the contrary, an individual with a growth mindset has a strong belief in their abilities, motivation to achieve goals. They believe one can develop talent and skills with effort and persistence. They enjoy the learning process, form new strategies, and learn from others to do their best. They embrace challenges to develop new skills and grow.

Some traits of a fixed mindset:

  • Runs from mistakes
  • Gives up easily
  • Believes that talent is inborn
  • Avoids challenges
  • Fears failure
  • Ignores negative feedback
  • Focus only on the outcome

Some traits of a growth mindset:

  • Focus on the learning process without worrying about the outcome
  • Focuses on rectifying the error
  • Look for challenges that enable them to grow
  • Believes that talent and abilities can be developed with practice and efforts
  • Accept criticism
  • Embrace novelty
  • Take inspiration from the success of others
  • Practice perseverance during failure

It is important to have a growth mindset not just in personal life but in professional life as well. Having a growth mindset in business can take you places. It can help in improving business practices and lead to achieving organizational goals positively.

The growth mindset online course can help you and your team in changing your shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. Let’s have a look at some strategies that will help in shifting a fixed mindset to a growth mindset:

  • Focus on what you tell yourself

All the power lies in what we choose to tell ourselves. When we come across a problem, our interpretation and reaction will decide our approach and actions. Our actions are an extension of our beliefs. Instead of negative statements, say reinforcing statements as I can do it, I want to explore new ideas, I can learn from my mistakes, I believe in myself, I want to try hard, etc.

  • Set learning goals, not performance goals

Dedicate yourself to learning instead of setting goals for performance. Focus on the process instead of the outcome. It will help in making gradual, constant improvements. When you focus on the process, the effect will be positive. Effort, persistence, and hard work is the key to success.

  • Capitalize on the failures

Consider failures as an opportunity to learn and grow. The road to success is full of failures. Never give up and review the failures so that you can devise a plan to succeed.

  • Be consistent

The shift from fixed to growth mindset won’t happen in a day. You have to be consistent and flexible. Identify the fixed mindset trigger points and develop new strategies for adopting the growth mindset.

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