For Constant Improvement through PDSA, Enrol In Our PDSA Training Course

learn continuous improvement through the PDSA course

PDSA stands for plan-do-study-act, which is a four-step cycle for continuous improvement of processes, products, or services. It also helps in resolving problems. The method enables the individual to effectively test and assess their ideas for change. 

Each of the idea goes through a circular process of the following:

  • Planning out how the test will be carried out
  • Testing the change and collecting data
  • Evaluating the data
  • Dropping the idea/ using the information for running another cycle. 

This creates a feedback loop of continuous learning and improvement. Many companies believe that only big goals can lead to better results. However, smaller ideas should not be ignored. Many small ideas can together achieve great results. 

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Reasons to learn continuous improvement through PDSA online :

  • Constant Improvement

The key to PDSA is striving for constant learning. PDSA cycles are short, fast, and frequent. The results derived from one idea can be used as a better idea that can be tested in the next PDSA cycle. These cycles are repeated over and again till a successful and sustainable improvement is implemented. 

  • Small scale

The ideas which are tested via PDSA cycles are small. More often than not, these ideas are minor tweaks to the everyday process and routine. The small ideas can be implemented easily and involve lesser formality than bigger ideas. Also, small changes won’t significantly disrupt the staff and their routine. Smaller ideas carry less risk even if they fall. Small changes are cost-effective and easier to leave them behind. Staff is more receptive to small changes.

  • Empowers the staff

The benefit of the bottom-up approach is that it involves frontline staff as well as directly offers them the ability to solve problems. This can encourage the staff for proactive involvement. This is a win-win situation as frontline staff will make the best decision because it’s them who will be impacted directly by the new changes. 

  • Creates a culture of learning and change

One of the factors that come in the way of implementing changes is resistance culture. Organizations can overcome this with the help of Continuous Improvement through PDSA course online. When small changes are introduced, they appear to be non-threatening when combined with PDSA cycles. It leads to a culture of learning and change. Also, frequent and team led PDSA cycles will go a long way in developing a team environment.

  • Standardized

All the projects are handled in the same manner i.e., plan-study-do-act. This makes it easy to measure and draw comparisons between various projects and implement changes easily. This standardised approach also makes it suitable for any department of the organization. 

  • Methodical

The PDSA approach is efficient and offers a clear focus for any project. Also, starting with a thorough planning phase will lead to effective action and meaningful data. 

  • Ideas get tested before implementation

None of the ideas gets implemented the first time. They can be checked and tweaked for sustainability with multiple PDSA cycles before implementation. This ensures that changes support improvement and do not obstruct it.

For more information and reasons to online learn continuous improvement through PDSA course from Knowxbox, get in touch with our team today!

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