10 Habits for Happiness

This article is the summary of the book – “Habits For Happiness” written by Dr. Tim Sharp. I found this very interesting and hence would like to share the main points. But I also would like to add that this article does not have the exact words from the book. Since I read it and then writing the points, it may have the essence of my perspective and understanding.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. And that is why there are no goals for happiness but there are habits that need to be practiced every day like bathing or brushing our teeth. Below is the list:

  1. Create a Wish Board or Vision Board – It is important for you to know how your happiness looks like. And depending on the situation, it should be revised and updated.
  2. Set SMART Goals, where
    • S stands for Specific
    • M stands for Measurable
    • A Stands for Achievable
    • R stands Relevant
    • T stands for Time-bound
  3. Have fun and laughter – Figure out what is fun for you and mark in the daily or weekly calendar for that activity. Having fun should be one of the priorities if you want to be happy.
  4. Face your fears – In this book, the author mentioned his fear of jumping from the airplane, i.e. Sky diving. We all have fears. We need to overcome those fears.
  5. Enjoy exercise or keep moving – Exercising is important scientifically. Being in motion keeps our organs healthy. It is important o be physically active. Exercise or other physical activities produces a chemical in the brain called endorphins which acts as a natural pain killer and it also improves the ability to sleep and reduces stress.
  6. Sleep and take proper rest – Sleeping is like a reboot for our body. Taking proper rest is as important as taking proper food to stay healthy physically and mentally.
  7. Ask for help – You should ask for help whenever required. No need to feel shy about that. No one can do it all on their own all the time. Asking for help is normal and positive which helps us to build a positive relationship with others.
  8. Practice giving help – In giving we receive and in receiving we give. Happiness goes both ways. When we can we should give help and when needed we should ask for help.
  9. Focus on Good rather than Bad – We should focus on good rather than bad both within us and around us. Happy people are definitely more optimistic which doesn’t mean that everything is perfect all the time rather they look for possible solutions.
  10. Practice forgiveness and compassion – Things don’t go right all the time and when they don’t practice forgiveness and compassion. Forgiving also lets you move on and focus on the next level of actions. Ans this is what makes us human, Moving On!!