Feedback and Coaching

Do you think regular feedback and coaching is important? Yes! Absolutely.
Employees want to hear how they are performing and, giving consistent feedback and coaching will keep them engaged and motivated.
Here is a course to help you learn ways to give effective feedback and coaching.

Course Duration - 15 minutes


Perception refers to the way sensory information is organized, interpreted, and consciously experienced. Each individual perceives the same situation differently.

Watch this course to learn more about Perception and the sub-processes involved in a perceptual process.

Course Duration - 15 minutes


Businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who can contribute individual ideas. Teamwork can help solve even the most difficult problems.
Watch this course from dynamic pixel to learn the meaning and benefits of teamwork in various environments.

Course Duration - 15 minutes

Positive Attitude

positive attitude is a guide to lead a positive life. Maintaining a positive attitude through the ups and the downs to every aspect of life is important.

Here is a course on building a positive attitude.

Course Duration - 15 minutes

You can't achieve unless you have a desire and this desire to act in service of a goal is known as Motivation. Motivation makes things happen. 

Watch this course to learn more about motivation and its importance at Workplace.

Course Duration - 15 minutes

Boost Your Confidence

A confident person is attractive, bring success and help to connect well with others. So, building and boosting Confidence is very important.

Here is a course which will help you understand the importance of confidence and teach few strategies to build confidence.

Course Duration - 15 minutes