Presentation Skills

You can also buy e-learning content from us related to Presentation Skills. Presentation Skills helps the employees to communicate professionally with the customers, boss, colleagues, and many more. So, this course includes The Power of Storytelling in Presentations, Deliver a Successful Online Presentation, and Use the Power of Stories in your Presentation.

Delivering a face to face presentation and an online presentation are two very different things. Take this quick and short course to get the Tips to deliver online successfully. 

Course Duration – 15 minutes

Effective Presentation skills are very important. Presentation skills help you to communicate more effectively and professionally with your audience, boss, team members, students and teachers.

Course Duration – 15 minutes

Using stories in the presentation is a characteristic of a good speaker. The presentations need not to be only about facts, charts and graphs. As communications expert Jim Lukaszewski says, “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good story is worth 10,000 pictures.” Adding Stories to your presentations help the audience to grasp and remember a concept for long. It also makes things interesting. 

Watch this course to learn the various tips and techniques on choosing the right story and delivering it.

Course Duration – 15 minutes

Are you tired of seeing the disinterested faces of your audience while presenting? It is may be because you are one of the speakers who dump mounds of data on your audience. What should you do? Try adding a story to your presentation. Adding stories to the presentation brings it to life. It makes the message more relevant and interesting. 

This course from dynamic pixel will help you in understanding the various components of a good story and the tips to create and add a good story to your presentation.

Course Duration – 15 minutes