4. Course Components/Activites

4.15. Lesson

The lesson activity module enables an instructor to deliver content and/or practice activities in interesting and flexible ways. An instructor can use the lesson to create a linear set of content pages or instructional activities that offer a variety of paths or options for the learner. In either case, instructors can choose to increase engagement and ensure understanding by including a variety of questions, such as multiple choice, matching, and short answer. Depending on the learner's choice of answer and how the instructor develops the lesson, learners may progress to the next page, be taken back to a previous page, or be redirected down a different path entirely.

A lesson may be graded, with the grade recorded in the gradebook.

Lessons may be used 
  • For self-directed learning of a new topic
  • For scenarios or simulations/decision-making exercises
  • For differentiated revision, with different sets of revision questions depending upon answers given to initial questions