2. Features of KnowxBox

2.3. User and Role Management

  • Create and Manage  Users
  • Bulk User creation
  • Download User Reports
A User can be assigned the following different roles:

  • Organisation Manager  – Can manage a complete organisation like – managing users, managing courses, view reports, etc.
  • User  – Can access the course as a student.
  • Course Educator  – Can edit course content for the courses created by them.

A. Create User

Dashboard < Users < Create user

In KnowxBox LMS, the organization manager is able to create and edit the user’s learner account. The password can be sent to the user’s email.

B. Browse for user

Dashboard < Users < Browse for user

  • You are able to view all the users with their role and department in the one go or alphabet wise.
  • You can search any user by adding details in the “User search field”.
  • It helps you to maintain your data in the LMS.
  • The organization manager can “enroll or unenroll” the user in any course.

C. Department Users and Managers

Dashboard < Users < Department users and managers

  • View your employees department wise.

  • The organization manager can “Add or remove” the user in any department.

D. Upload Users

Dashboard < Users < Upload users

  • The organization manager can upload the users in one go by uploading an excel (csv.) file.

Note: Only csv. format is acceptable.

E. User Bulk Download

Dashboard < Users < User bulk download

Download the employee’s details in any of the following formats:
  • .csv
  • .ods
  • .xlsx