2. Features of KnowxBox

  • Personalise KnowxBox - Craft an LMS that suits your needs by personalising its features according to your preferences.

  • Customised Login Page – Infuse your brand's essence: Logo, background, menu – all uniquely you. 

  • Manage Organisation Structure – Empower complete organisational control: manage departments, assign users, and customize profiles with unique fields.
  • Role Management– Manage your organisation roles like the organisation Manager oversees users, courses, and reports; Users access courses; Course Educators edit their created courses.
  • Course Management- Empower course creation with diverse formats, track progress, gamify, manage enrollment, and forge custom learning paths through easy uploads.
  • Course Components – Leverage a versatile array of components including assignments, chats, certificates, databases, feedback, forums, glossaries, interactive H5P elements, lessons, quizzes, SCORM packages, surveys, workshops, as well as content elements like books, files, folders, HTML, pages, and URLs, and even IMS Content packages.

  • Reports- Generate comprehensive reports including attendance, course/monthly completions, user log-ins, user records, and license allocations.