1. About KnowxBox

1.1. User Types

For us, learners are the assets and we provide them with a great learning experience. In KnowxBox LMS, learners are known as users because they are using the platform. There are two types of users: one is an organisation user, and the other is an individual user. However, in an organisation there are again two types of users. One is the course educator who creates the course, and the other is an organisation employee who can take the course and view their progress.

So, there are a total of four types of users in KnowxBox LMS.

About Organisation User

  • Organisation Managers have full access to KnowxBox LMS for the course, user management, customization, and more.
  • Course Educators can edit the courses' content.
  • Department Training Managers can see and manage the users of their own department.
  • Organisation User/Employee can see only their assigned courses and progress.

About Individual User

  • Users can access the courses they have purchased on KnowxBox LMS.
  • Downloadable certificates are available upon course completion.
  • Track and visualize course progress at any time.