2. Features of KnowxBox

2.5. Course Management

A. User Enrolments

Dashboard < Courses < User Enrolments

  • Assign courses to users.
  • Select the course in which you would like to enroll the user.
  • Select the date of the course enrollment email that is sent to the users.
  • Easy way to enroll and unenroll the users by clicking on “Select” and “Enroll”.

B. Create Course

Dashboard < Courses < Create Course

  • Create your own course.
  • Edit course start and end date.
  • The person who creates the course is the “Course educator” who has the right to edit the course.
  • The following are the fields that are required to create a course.

C. Manage Course Settings

Dashboard < Courses < Manage Course Settings

  • The course educator can edit the course by clicking on “Turn editing on”.
  • Find all your courses in one go.
  • Search by course name.

D. Learning Paths

Dashboard < Courses < Learning Paths